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Welcome to Sheepsulation,
the UK's No.1 new and only brand for natural sheep's wool insulation building products!

Please browse our site for free information about our products and see for yourself the energy savings and the reduction to your carbon footprint you will make by using Sheepsulation.

Our site is packed full of useful information, resources and guides and, you'll be able to find a list of stockists of our products near you!

Update 12th February 2012:
Will we ever get this product to market?? the answer is YES!
We are almost ready to launch Sheepsulation and we have been building up lists of stockists. . SEE RESOURCES SECTION.

Welcome to Sheepsulation - our new range of natural sheep's wool insulation products and accessories.

As the first people to fully commercialise this extremely effective, recyclable, thermal insulation material, we invite you to take a few minutes to explore our website and find the benefits of using natural wool insulation to make your home and building greener and much more energy efficient!

Sheep's wool insulation is the future of sustainable environmentally friendly building insulation and our exciting new brand 'Sheepsulation' will take sheep's wool into the forefront of a new generation of building products. Fire and moisture resistant, meeting and exceeding all building regulations and Ewe (U) ratings. Breathable, non irritant to your skin, light and easy to use.

                                   It really is Something To Bleat About!


We have six exciting new insulation products and a range of accessories for uses in construction. Whether you're building your own home, building a new home, converting a loft or just merely insulating your pipes for a cold winter, we'll have at least one product with one easy way to help you...

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Find the benefits of using our new
sheepsulation on the resources page!

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We have been deliberately delaying the launch of this product as we have now patented an entire range of fixings and accessories to help you easily install Sheepsulation yourself to insulate your home; brand new products unseen ever before! Details available soon. INVESTOR WANTED.

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FEB 2012: